Tuesday, January 22, 2013

REVIEW: Wyndward Fury by Norman Daniels (1979)

Actually more like a 3.5, but plantation porn is such a neglected genre these days and it begs for some gentle rating love.

A rich white bachelor needs to marry and procreate some legal get of pure bloodlines, while keeping some brown sugar on the side. Rebellions, rapin', hangin', and burying alive.

Just another day south of the Mason-Dixon.

The plot bounds along with little cohesion. But that's not the point. Shit happens and everyone moves on to the next antebellum shitstorm. Some events from Book 1 are recycled, only with different characters acting them out this time around.

Pretty much everything is given to the reader via dialogue. No evocative descriptions of the plantation or deep character analysis. If it can't be conveyed with a "Reckon," it's not important. It would be tedious if not for the fact that things keep happening and death/maiming/insanity is around the corner for anyone.

Cheap and tawdry, but it's my kind of cheap and tawdry.

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